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Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG lost her battle with pancreatic cancer on Friday.  She was 87 years old and during her life she was a fierce advocate for gender equality and women’s rights.

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She was nominated for the Supreme Court by PRESIDENT CLINTON in 1993.  Hollywood made a movie about her life in 2018 called “On the Basis of Sex”, which starred Felicity Jones as RBG and focused on her first big case after law school.

Ruth showed what a badass she was by fighting off cancer FIVE TIMES and enduring several falls, a heart procedure, and other health issues as she got older.  Through it all, she rarely missed a workout.

Some people called for Ruth to retire during BARACK OBAMA’s presidency when Democrats had control of the Senate and could have easily installed another liberal in her place. She resisted, and only became more of a LEGEND since then.

But because of that, things are about to get interesting.

Remember during Obama’s last year in office, when Justice ANTONIN SCALIA died . . . and Senate Majority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL refused to vote on Obama’s pick to replace him?

He and other Republicans claimed that it would be wrong to vote so close to the election, saying the PEOPLE should decide on our next president first, and THAT GUY should get the pick.

Trump won the election and put conservative NEIL GORSUCH on the bench.

Well, we’re even closer to the election than we were in 2016, and guess what?  McConnell has done a complete 180.  But he claims it’s DIFFERENT this time because the presidency and the Senate are both controlled by the same party this time.  (???)

On a similar note, Republican Senator LINDSEY GRAHAM was on the same page as McConnell back in 2016. 

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And he even said Republicans were setting a PRECEDENT by not allowing a president to have a Supreme Court pick in the final year of one of his terms.  He also said that if he ever went back on that promise, we could use his words against him.

Well, guess where he stands on the issue now?  Yep, he finds that things are magically different this time around. 

(So far two Republican Senators have said publicly that they oppose taking up a nomination before the election.)

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