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Florida state police raided the home of a former data analyst for the Florida Department of Health on Friday, who claims Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) “sent the Gestapo” to get her to “shut up.”

Rebekah Jones was FIRED from her position in the DeSantis administration in May for allegedly modifying the state’s COVID-19 dashboard unilaterally without authorization. She claims the state was misleading citizens on the coronavirus numbers, and now she runs her own COVID-19 tracking sites from her house.

What are the details?

Jones tweeted Friday that state police served a warrant at her home that morning and seized property, claiming that officers “pointed a gun in her face” and “pointed guns at her kids.”

She posted an accompanying video showing the purported scene from inside her home as police entered. Armed officers can be seen walking through the hallway, and pointing their firearms upward as they called for Jones’ husband to come down the stairs. Neither Jones’ husband nor the couples’ children are seen in the footage.