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Former CEO Patrick Byrne said that he’s financing “a team of hackers and cybersleuths” in an attempt to prove that President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election, according to The Daily Beast.

Byrne, who stepped down from his position at Overstock last year after admitting to a relationship with a Russian spy, recently went on the One America News Network (OAN), a conservative news outlet and a favored media destination of Trump, to detail what he described as a “rigged” election process.

Dominion Voting Systems, a company that provided election voting software in several key presidential battlegrounds, has been a target for right-wing grievances about the presidential election. For weeks, the company has sought to fend off debunked and outlandish allegations that the company facilitated voting irregularities.

In the interview, OAN made reference to Dominion machines when discussing election irregularities, which Byrne insisted was the key to Trump’s loss.

Byrne, 57, also spoke about his plans this week on several YouTube shows and podcasts hosted by individuals who promote the QAnon conspiracy theory, which alleges a cabal of elites and liberals are involved in a worldwide child pedophile ring that Trump is fighting. At the center of the conspiracy is an anonymous character known as “Q” who posts cryptic messages online. The FBI has labeled the group a potential domestic terror threat.

“I’m a free agent, and I’m self-funded, and I’m funding this army of various odd people,” Byrne told a QAnon supporter during one podcast later reported on by The Daily Beast. “It’s really going to make a great movie someday.”

Byrne said he’s been concerned since August that the voting machines used in the election were faulty and changed the vote tallies against Trump. And he believes his team of “hackers and crackers” have the proof. That’s partly the same argument that Trump’s team of lawyers has claimed, as well, in calling for a recount.

But the voting machine company has repeatedly denied any malfunctions with the equipment. And there is no evidence that any votes were miscounted or altered as Byrne claims. He did not provide any proof during his interviews.

In an emailed statement Saturday, Byrne added only: “For some months I proudly have been funding a Bad News Bears collection of just the right spooks, lawyers and ethical hackers, patriots all, to reverse engineer, infiltrate, and disrupt this coup.”

A spokesperson for Byrne also included a link to his blog that calls the election “rigged.”

Trump lost the election to President-elect Joe Biden. Recounts in battleground states have reinforced that, as well, and multiple judges have tossed out Trump’s lawsuits as meritless.

Overstock distanced itself from Byrne on Twitter on Saturday night.