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26% of Americans will be drinking beer as they watch the results roll in next Tuesday . . . 23% will drink wine . . . and 1 in 7 aren’t messing around.  15% will drink liquor. 

Here are 4 more quick stats on our election night plans . . .

1.  48% say they’re more stressed about this election than other elections in the past.  Which might explain the drinking.

2.  Just under half of us plan to watch the results come in, but big parties are out this year.  84% say they wouldn’t feel comfortable watching with more than 10 people.  A lot said less than that wouldn’t be okay either.

3.  46% will lean on junk food to get them through it.  And 42% say they’ll probably order pizza.

4.  23% WON’T look at any results on election night.  They’ll just check in on Wednesday morning.  (NY Post)